Glitter Fills in the Silhouette Studio

In this tutorial I will teach you how to do pattern/glitter fills in the Silhouette Studio Designers Edition.  Please note that this will only work in the Designers Edition and not the basic Silhouette Studio.

We will be using our Glitter Fill Patterns for this tutorial. You can purchase these high resolution images from here.

Step 1: Purchase and unzip the glitter fill patterns. Extract them to your desktop.
Step 2: Go to your Librarystep1

Step 3: Click “My Patterns”step2

Step 4: Drag and drop any one of the glitter fills into your library.

Step 5:  Click the pattern button up top to see the pattern window.  Below you’ll find the “My Patterns” section with the pattern you made. Now all you need to do is make a design and click the pattern fill under your patterns.